Latest Publications

821 Efficiency assessment of seismic isolation (with energy dissi-pation) by gravel-rubber mixtures Alessandro Palermo
819 Public expectations of damage and disruption to existing multi-storey buildings in earthquakes Ken Elwood
818 Post-earthquake building functionality: preliminary findings of a systematic review Alice Chang Richards
817 Prediction of road blockages triggered by co-seismic landslides Liam Wotherspoon
816 Vulnerability of power distribution utility poles to tsunami bore impacts Colin Whittaker
815 Safe as Houses? The Limits of Seismic Building Regulation in Aotearoa New Zealand John Hopkins
813 High performance rocking timber wall structure with innovative low damage floor connections Support Team
812 Incorporating potential environmental impacts in building seismic design decisions Charlotte Toma
811 Numerical Studies of on the Seismic Response of a Three-storey Low-damage Steel Framed Structure Incorporating Seismic Friction Connections Shahab Ramhormozian
810 Relation extraction to identify locations of disaster impacts from social media text. Emma Hudson Doyle
809 Annotating and Extracting Disaster Impacts from Social Media with Named Entity Recognition. Emma Hudson Doyle
808 A Pipeline for Geospatial Situational Awareness of Disasters Through Social Media Text.  Raj Prasanna
806 QuakeText: Mapping Earthquake Impacts from Text Emma Hudson Doyle
805 Planar frame models considering system level interactions of a two-story low-damage concrete wall building Geoffrey Rodgers
804 Predictions of Damage to Timber-Framed Houses Part II: Aligning Social and Engineering Predictions of Earthquake Damage Before and After Strengthening Julia Becker
803 Predictions of Damage to Timber-Framed Houses. Part I: Seismic Performance of Wood-Framed Houses Located on Slopes Max Stephens
801 Performance of MgO-Mk based M-S-H concrete column reinforced with steel and BFRP bars under cyclic loads Allan Scott
800 Experimental Study on Low-Damage Performance of Sliding Hinge Joint G Charles Clifton
799 A Practice-Oriented Floor Response Spectrum Prediction Method for Seismic Design of Non-Structural Elements Reagan Chandramohan
798 Seismic response and aftershock fragility curves for non-ductile mid-rise buildings comprised of reinforced concrete frame with masonry infill Jason Ingham
797 Component Test on Frictional GripNGrab Device Gregory MacRae
796 Frictional GripNGrab Component Test Gregory MacRae
795 Slab Effects on Rocking Frame Performance Gregory MacRae
794 Enhancing earthquake and tsunami preparedness and response in Kura Kaupapa Māori/Schools Aotearoa New Zealand: learnings from the 5 March 2021 East Cape earthquake sequence Lucy Kaiser
792 Using an integrated dynamic economic model to support infrastructure investment decision-making Erica Seville
791 Numerical evaluation of the seismic performance of GSI foundation systems for buildings using gravel-rubber mixtures Alessandro Palermo
790 Mechanisms of rock slope failures triggered by the 2016 Mw 7.8 Kaikōura earthquake and implications for landslide susceptibility Chris Massey
789 Numerical modelling of timber-framed houses located on slopes Max Stephens
788 A Peer-to-Peer Communication Method for Distributed Earthquake Early Warning Networks: Preliminary Findings Raj Prasanna