Latest Publications

790 Mechanisms of rock slope failures triggered by the 2016 Mw 7.8 Kaikōura earthquake and implications for landslide susceptibility Chris Massey
789 Numerical modelling of timber-framed houses located on slopes Max Stephens
788 A Peer-to-Peer Communication Method for Distributed Earthquake Early Warning Networks: Preliminary Findings Raj Prasanna
787 Context, Culture, and Cordons: The Feasibility of Post-Earthquake Cordons Learned Through a Case Study in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal Caroline Orchiston
785 Algorithms for detecting P-waves and earthquake magnitude estimation: Initial Literature Review Findings Julia Becker
784 Assessment of end-two-flange web crippling strength of roll-formed aluminium alloy perforated channels by experimental testing, numerical simulation, and deep learning Jason Ingham
782 Behavioural responses to earthquake early warning in Aotearoa New Zealand Raj Prasanna
781 Lost in translation: Investigating the interplay between seismic policy language and commercial property listings Olga Filippova
779 Interventions to improve earthquake resilience Olga Filippova
778 Wall-to-floor Connections in a Two-storey Low-Damage Concrete Wall Building Rick Henry
777 Functionality requirements of building occupancies Alice Chang Richards
776 Post-Disaster Dispute Resolution: A New Zealand Case Study Toni Collins
775 A critical review of measuring building functionality post-disaster Ken Elwood
774 Analysis of quantitative methods for assessing functional recovery in post-earthquake Ken Elwood
773 Distributed displacement on the Papatea fault from the 2016 Mw 7.8 Kaikōura earthquake and implications for hazard planning Tim Stahl
772 3D coseismic surface displacements from historical aerial photographs of the 1987 Edgecumbe earthquake, New Zealand Tim Stahl
771 The influence of off-fault deformation zones on the near-fault distribution of coseismic landslides Tim Stahl
770 Dynamic behaviour of flax fibre-reinforced polymer pipes subjected to harmonic motion Dmytro Dizhur
769 In-field dynamic response of instrumented wine tanks subjected to aftershock earthquakes Dmytro Dizhur
768 Sectional response of non-rectangular concrete walls with minimum vertical reinforcement Rick Henry
767 Empirical Assessment of Liquefaction Resistance of Crushable Pumiceous Sand using Shear Wave Velocity Rolando Orense
766 Caught in the (Building) Act? How the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 exposes the limits of seismic resilience for existing buildings in Aotearoa New Zealand Toni Collins
765 Hybrid Broadband Ground-Motion Simulation Validation of Small Magnitude Active Shallow Crustal Earthquakes in New Zealand Brendon Bradley
764 Sex workers’ experiences following the Canterbury earthquakes: Recovery and rebuild Julia Becker
763 Eco-Rubber Geotechnical Seismic Isolation (ERGSI) Foundation System for Low-Rise Buildings Alessandro Palermo
762 Improved estimation of P-delta induced displacement amplification Tim Sullivan
761 Combining Observed Elastic Basin Amplification Factors with 1D Nonlinear Site Response Analyses to Predict Site/Basin Response for Strong Ground Motions: Application to Wellington, New Zealand. Brendon Bradley
760 Can Modelling Soil Heterogeneity in 2D Site Response Analyses Improve Predictions at Vertical Array Sites? Brendon Bradley
759 Enhanced Morlet Wavelet-Based Two-Point FIR for Phasor estimation Nirmal Nair