Latest Publications

666 Testing of URM wall-to-diaphragm through-bolt plate anchor connections Dmytro Dizhur
665 Advancing practical applications of resilience in Aotearoa New Zealand Caroline Orchiston
664 Seismic assessment of reinforced concrete columns with short lap splices Ken Elwood
663 Validation of NZ small-magnitude ground-motion simulations using complex structural systems Brendon Bradley
662 Personality and Insurance Choices in Incentivised Experiments Ilan Noy
661 Personality and Insurance Choices Ilan Noy
660 Post-implementation review of the Hurunui/Kaikōura Earthquakes Recovery (Unreinforced Masonry Buildings) Order 2017 and Securing Fund Jason Ingham
658 Re-emerging from the rubble: What is delaying regeneration of Christchurch CBD? Ken Elwood
657 Scrutiny of Input Motions for Effective Stress Analysis of Case-history Sites from the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquakes Misko Cubrinovski
656 Identifying vulnerable reinforced concrete buildings in Wellington using a simple assessment methodology Reagan Chandramohan
655 Lower and upper design limit force estimation for lead extrusion damper: A classical extrusion modelling approach Geoffrey Rodgers
654 Incorporating the influence of duration on dynamic deformation capacity in structural design and assessment Tim Sullivan
653 Experimental seismic characterisation of gravel-granulated tyre mixtures and design implications Gabriele Chiaro
652 Cyclic Lateral Loading of the Whirokino Trestle Pile Foundations Liam Wotherspoon
651 Three-storey Configurable Steel Framed Building Incorporating Friction Based Energy Dissipaters: Structural Configuration and Instrumentation Gregory MacRae
650 Rocking Frame Behaviour with Tension Only Device - Numerical Study Gregory MacRae
649 Earthquake Stories: Experiences of Building Performance in Earthquakes to enhance future building performance David Johnston
648 Strength requirements for non-structural components responding nonlinearly under earthquake excitation Tim Sullivan
647 Parallel scalability of OpenSees on NeSI HPC for 2D/3D site response analysis Christopher McGann
646 Evaluation of the ShakeOut earthquake drill and use of protective actions in Aotearoa New Zealand David Johnston
645 How effective a compost toilet and compost activators are for pathogen die-off in an emergency context? David Johnston
644 Improving earthquake resilience in the Taupō Volcanic Zone (TVZ) using school-based seismometers and connected education programmes. David Johnston
643 Evaluating the Applicability of Conventional CPT-Based Liquefaction Assessment Procedures to Reclaimed Gravelly Soils Misko Cubrinovski
642 Out-of-plane behaviour of clay brick masonry walls retrofitted with flexible deep mounted CFRP strips Jason Ingham
641 Non-stationary spatial correlation in New Zealand strong ground motion data Brendon Bradley
640 Keeping goods moving in the wake of a disaster: a qualitative study of intermodal transport Liam Wotherspoon
638 Chapter 2: Earthquakes and tsunami: Causes, impacts and risk reduction Tim Sullivan
636 Adaptive Behaviour of New Zealand Listed Property Trusts to Seismic Disruptions Olga Filippova
635 Lessons for Loss Assessment from the Canterbury Earthquakes: A 22-Storey Building Gregory MacRae