Latest Publications

874 Experimental Tests on Concrete Wall-Steel Beam Connections Rick Henry
873 Review of recently constructed concrete wall-steel frame hybrid buildings Rick Henry
872 Post-disaster functional recovery of the built environment: A systematic review and directions for future research Alice Chang Richards
871 Accounting for hysteretic characteristics in P-delta analysis of structures Admin
870 Capturing the full complexity of post-disaster freight disruptions: applicability of the Theory of Constraints Admin
869 The public’s perception of an earthquake early warning system: a study on factors influencing continuance intention Marion Tan
868 The ROBUST Steel Building Response Gregory MacRae
867 Frictional GripNGrab Component Tests Gregory MacRae
866 Benefits of using access panel for post-quake structural inspection: concept and a case study Gregory MacRae
865 Innovative high performance seismic resilient timber wall structures with low damage floor connections Admin
864 Liquefaction characteristics of sand-gravel mixtures: experimental observations and its assessment based on intergranular state concept Misko Cubrinovski
863 Shake-Table Testing and Modelling of New Zealand Light-Frame Wood Buildings Tim Sullivan
862 Low Damage wall to floor connections for seismic resilient timber structures Admin
861 Investigating the impacts of building importance level and ductile design on the performance of base-isolated buildings in New Zealand Tim Sullivan
860 Collaborative networks in tourism disaster management Caroline Orchiston
859 Indigeneity and Emergency Management: An Emic 'Gaze' on the Role of Traditional Knowledges and Cultural Practices in Emergency Management Contexts Anthony Hoete
858 Understanding the social aspects of earthquake early warning: A literature review Anthony Hoete
857 Indigenous Approaches to Disaster Risk Reduction, Community Sustainability, and Climate Change Resilience Anthony Hoete
856 BUILDINGS IN TE MOANANUI: The Scaffolded House Anthony Hoete
854 Impeding factors causing long-term delays in the recovery of Christchurch CBD Ken Elwood
853 Numerical investigation of precast frames with grouted sleeves and intermediate connections Jason Ingham
852 Systematic review of critical factors affecting post-earthquake infrastructure recovery Alice Chang Richards
851 Source of numerical non-convergence in the analysis of bilinear SDOF systems Christopher McGann
850 Quantification of infrastructure downtime in earthquake reconstruction: A New Zealand study Charlotte Brown
849 Investigating the effect of stiffness on the seismic performance of RC structures Reagan Chandramohan
848 Bottlenecks in Civil Construction Material Supply for Post-Disaster Transport Infrastructure Recovery: A study of the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake in New Zealand Alice Chang Richards
847 Twelve years on: Christchurch’s recovery from the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes Ken Elwood
846 Hinemihi 2.0, whare for export Anthony Hoete
845 Te Whare Rangitupu: the Scaffolded Whare Anthony Hoete
844 Flooding and urbanism Anthony Hoete