Latest Publications

994 Feasibility testing off-the-shelf smart devices for measuring physiological response to earthquake shaking LJVinnell
993 A Methodology for Quantification of the Overall Economic Benefit of Functional Recovery-based Design Alice Chang Richards
992 The Interplay of Climate and Disaster in Men's Stories of the 2016 Kaikōura Earthquake in Aotearoa New Zealand Anthony Hoete
991 From The Māori to the Transcolonised City Anthony Hoete
990 Seismic hazard with deterministic maximum limits: Considerations in a New Zealand-specific context Brendon Bradley
989 A Hybrid Data-Driven Approach for Modeling Post-Earthquake Building Recovery Following the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquakes Alice Chang Richards
988 Navigating Resilience: Building a Safe Earthquake Park and Efficient Disaster Recovery Lane Admin
987 A dynamic framework for assessing the impact of resource constraints on post-earthquake building recovery Alice Chang Richards
985 A review of tsunami hazard for southern Aotearoa new Zealand with implications for future research Admin
984 Benefits of site-specific hazard analyses for seismic design in New Zealand: Revisited Brendon Bradley
983 Functional recovery of buildings for enhancing seismic resilience Alice Chang Richards
982 Decision-making insights on the prepositioning of relief items: a systematic review Admin
981 Estimating S-wave Amplitude for Earthquake Early Warning in New Zealand: Leveraging the First 3 Seconds of P-Wave Admin
980 A decade of shaking in the Garden City: The evolution of preparedness, perceptions, and beliefs in Canterbury, Aotearoa New Zealand, and implications for earthquake information Julia Becker
979 The impact of 2010-11 Christchurch earthquakes on the individuals’ income by sector and income level Ilan Noy
978 Methods to account for shallow site effects in hybrid broadband ground-motion simulations Brendon Bradley
977 ROBUST Building Project - Report to ILEE yzhe760
976 Estimating the drift capacity of RC columns using machine learning Reagan Chandramohan
975 Prediction of Demands on Non-Structural Components in Base-Isolated Structures Reagan Chandramohan
974 Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Walls: Static Vs Dynamic Analysis Reagan Chandramohan
973 Drift‐based risk‐oriented method for the explicit consideration of ground motion duration in seismic design Reagan Chandramohan
972 Reducing design drift limits Reagan Chandramohan
971 Exploring the Post-Earthquake Functional Recovery Concept through Bibliometric - Integrative Literature Review Olga Filippova
970 Liquefaction hazard of wellington reclaimations based on conventional analysis Brendon Bradley
969 Developing a conceptual framework for characterizing and measuring social resilience in blue-green infrastrucuture (BGI Admin
967 Shake Table Testing of a Low-Damage Steel Frame Building Incorporating Asymmetric and Symmetric Friction Connections yzhe760
966 Offsite Construction, Quality Assurance, Transportation, and Instrumentation of the Friction-Based Seismic Resilient Steel Framed ROBUST Building yzhe760
965 Adaptations of Marae Infrastructure for Natural Hazard & Climate Resilience Anthony Hoete
964 Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change: Situating culture, identity and place in climate change risk mitigation and resilience Anthony Hoete