Latest Publications

963 Mīmīrū, an architecture of Māori seismic resilience Anthony Hoete
962 Te Toi Whakaruruhau O Aotearoa Hui Anthony Hoete
961 The revitalisation of the Māori meeting house Anthony Hoete
960 An Archaeology of Seismic Resilience’ Anthony Hoete
959 NZIA Local Awards - Waikato Bay of Plenty Anthony Hoete
958 Towards an old architecture Anthony Hoete
957 Mīmirū: an installation manual Anthony Hoete
956 Heterogenous mental health impacts of a forced relocation: The Red Zone in Christchurch after its 2011 earthquake Ilan Noy
955 Analysis of Site-Response Residuals from Empirical Ground-Motion Models to Account for Observed Sedimentary Basin Effects in Wellington, New Zealand Chrisdelat1
954 Adapting PLUM: Earthquake Early Warning with Node-Level Processing in New Zealand Raj Prasanna
953 Long-term communication of aftershock forecasts: the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence in Aotearoa, New Zealand Julia Becker
952 Impacts of Ground Motion Selection, Scaling Method, and Numerical Modelling Assumptions on The Performance of Rocking Wall Systems with Friction Connections Admin
951 The role of risk perception, risk communication, and comparative risk principles in resilience building. David Johnston
950 Exploring the role of Search and Rescue Non-Government Organisations in Emergency Events: A Systematic Review in Aotearoa New Zealand David Johnston
949 Experimental tests on concrete wall-steel beam bolted web plate connections Rick Henry
948 The ROBUST Steel Building Response - Italy Gregory MacRae
947 The ROBUST Steel Building Response Gregory MacRae
946 Pacific 2021 John Hopkins
945 As the Island Choirs Gather: Tracing a Regional Approach to Disaster and Climate Resilience in Pacific Island Countries John Hopkins
944 To the RescEU? Disaster Risk Management as a Driver for European Integration John Hopkins
943 Weak axis low damage performance of seismic resilient rocking steel column base with friction connection yzhe760
942 Understanding the Disruption-Driven Investment Decision-Making Strategy of Listed Property Trusts in New Zealand Olga Filippova
941 A Critical Feminist Evaluation of Climate Adaptation Law and Policy: The Case of Aotearoa New Zealand Annick Masselot
939 Towards a User-Focused Office Building-System Functionality for Post-Earthquake Functional Recovery Olga Filippova
938 Seismic performance of prefabricated modular mass timber structures with inter-story isolation Ashkan Hashemi
937 Impacts of ground motion and scaling method selection on the performance of rocking wall systems with friction connections Admin
936 Implications for the Design of Parts from the Updated New Zealand Seismic Loading Standard and Seismic Hazard Tim Sullivan
934 Residential reconstruction of Christchurch City Centre: Is sustainability the key to promoting inner-city living? Olga Filippova
933 Bridging engineering and socioeconomic perspectives of post-earthquake functional recovery of commercial buildings in Aotearoa Olga Filippova