Latest Publications

28 Simulation of strong asymmetrical vertical acceleration at Heathcote Valley in the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquakes Brendon Bradley
27 The Canterbury velocity model (CantVM) version 1. Computational implementation, south island extension, and integration within the UCVM framework Brendon Bradley
26 Investigation of regional quality factors from a New Zealand-wide velocity model Brendon Bradley
25 Broadband ground motion simulation of the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence Brendon Bradley
24 Improving our understanding of 1D site response model behaviour: Physical insights for statistical deviations from 114 KiK-net sites. Brendon Bradley
23 Late Holocene liquefaction at sites of contemporary liquefaction during the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence Brendon Bradley
22 Signature failure modes of pipelines constructed of different materials when subjected to earthquakes Rick Henry
21 Residual drift analyses of realistic self-centering concrete wall systems Rick Henry
20 Testing of Reinforced Concrete Frames Extracted from a Building Damaged during the Canterbury Earthquakes Rick Henry
19 Finite element analysis of the PreWEC self-centering concrete wall system Rick Henry
18 Estimating Thrust Forces Due To Arching Action of Clay Brick Masonry Infill Dmytro Dizhur
17 Rapid identification and taxonomical classification of structural seismic attributes in a regionwide commercial building stock Jason Ingham
16 Structural Dynamic Response of an Unreinforced Masonry House using Non-Destructive Forced Vibration Jason Ingham
15 Out-of-plane seismic response of vertically spanning unreinforced masonry walls connected to flexible diaphragms Jason Ingham
14 In-plane and out-of-plane testing of unreinforced masonry walls strengthened using polymer textile reinforced mortar Jason Ingham
13 Assessment of mortar properties in vintage clay brick unreinforced masonry buildings Dmytro Dizhur
12 Construction Details and Observed Earthquake Performance of Unreinforced Clay Brick Masonry Cavity-walls Dmytro Dizhur
11 Out-of-plane testing of unreinforced masonry walls using ECC shotcrete Liam Wotherspoon
10 Pull-Out Behavior of Adhesive Connections in URM Walls Dmytro Dizhur
9 Post-Earthquake Reconnaissance of Unreinforced and Retrofitted Masonry Parapets Dmytro Dizhur
8 Experimental cyclic testing of URM pier-spandrel substructures Dmytro Dizhur
7 Methods and approaches for blind test predictions of out-of-plane behaviour of masonry walls: A numerical comparative study Jason Ingham
6 Experimental validation of seismic retrofit solutions for URM chimneys Dmytro Dizhur
5 Shaking table testing of as-built and retrofitted clay brick URM cavity-walls Dmytro Dizhur
4 In-situ assessment of the physical and mechanical properties of vintage solid clay bricks Dmytro Dizhur
3 Dynamic testing of as-built clay brick unreinforced masonry parapets Dmytro Dizhur
2 QuakeCoRE and NeSI’s strategic partnership towards earthquake resilience via High Performance Computing Brendon Bradley
1 Benchmarking FEMA P-58 seismic performance predictions against observed earthquake data - A preliminary evaluation for the Canterbury earthquake sequence Erica Seville